Is Your B2B Social Media Program Based on Buyer Research? It Should Be

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Last month I had the opportunity present at Frost and Sullivan GIL 2015: Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, Calif. “GIL” stands for “Growth, Innovation and Leadership,” and the event was marked by dynamic speakers and C-levels attendees bridging a wide range of industries and company sizes.

Most of those at the event had a B2B focus, and I was asked to lead an interactive session on helping CMOs and other executives get a better grasp on social media and its relationship to lead generation. Understanding and leveraging social media in a measurable way has been a longstanding challenge for many B2B marketers.

I built the session around the importance of research to gain a better understanding of how to find your buyers, learn what’s important to them, and then to connect these insights with your brand’s strengths and competitive differentiation. I divided the audience into groups, and identified one individual within each group whose company had recently made a B2B purchase. The purchases ranged from CRM systems to web design vendors.

Then, I asked the rest of the group to pretend they were the marketing departments for the CRM system, web design service or other B2B vendor, and to interview the buyer they had the good fortune to have in their presence. Did they know what to ask? What questions and answers could help them do a better job as marketers? What could help them to build a social media program to connect with this buyer and other potential buyers?

We established a framework for asking questions and categorizing the answers to build a detailed persona for each group’s buyer. The next step was to then map these insights to a social media program that would connect with this buyer.

Are you doing buyer research to inform your B2B marketing programs? If you’re not, you should be. Contact the team at Idea Grove to learn more about buyer-driven PR and marketing programs.



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