Don’t Be Boring, and Other Advice for B2B Marketers

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I was featured this week in Media Shower’s “10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes” interview series.  Read an excerpt below, or the full interview here.

We asked Scott Baradell, president and founder of tech PR firm Idea Grove, what piece of advice he finds himself repeating over and over again to clients.

His response? “Don’t be boring; come up with truly interesting stories to tell,” he says. “And don’t waste effort; repurpose those great ideas across every channel your ideal customer sees and experiences” …

What do you think are the biggest changes and/or challenges facing those in PR today?

The biggest opportunity is that inbound marketing is the fastest-growing segment of corporate marketing budgets, and inbound marketing programs are best led by PR strategy – in particular, thought leadership strategy.

The biggest challenge is that most PR practitioners don’t have a background or even an interest in the data and analytics required to transform a thought leadership strategy into an ROI-generating marketing campaign. Many PR people shudder at the very thought of being held accountable by the increased transparency of the online channel. Increasingly, PR professionals need to be both right-brain and left-brain thinkers to be successful …

What questions should companies ask themselves to figure out a compelling story for their brand?

You’ve really got to stop drinking the company Kool-Aid and start looking at story ideas from the perspective of the outside world. That’s why agencies can be such valuable partners to in-house marketing and PR teams. A company can hire all the writers in the world; but too often, once they are absorbed into a company’s culture, their ability to look at things from an outside perspective can be lost, and the value diminishes greatly.

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