The Best Mobile Tools for Marketers

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If you (or your boss) still aren’t convinced about mobile marketing, you should definitely reconsider. There are more than 6.5 billion (yes, billion with a b) mobile subscribers worldwide. Just for comparison, there’s only seven billion people in the world.

Still think mobile marketing is a waste of your time?

There are tons of tools to help newbies excel at mobile marketing. Some are designed to target multiple areas while others specialize in one aspect of mobile. Check out the three tools below as a starting point in your research on mobile marketing, and let me know if you find other helpful mobile tools!

The Text Tool – TextUs.Biz

This tool is super cool and perfect for companies reaching out to Millennials or people who are always on the go. Businesses that use TextUs.Biz can communicate with their customers through text messages sent on their computers or iPads. An even cooler feature is that customers who sign up for the program can text the company’s main phone line to schedule appointments or make reservations.

This tool can make it easier for customers to contact you via the channels they prefer (a crucial success factor for content marketing) and increases employee efficiency. Instead of getting caught up in a wave of phone calls, employees will have much more free time to devote to other business-related tasks. There are several plans for TextUs.Biz which range from free to $74 per month, depending on how many messages you send. If you’re a service-oriented business, I would definitely look into this.

The Mobile Loyalty Program Tool – Swipely

One of the more advanced mobile marketing tools, Swipely uses payment information from customers’ transactions to gather data on their purchasing habits. You can then use that data to send targeted, personalized marketing messages.

Customers can also sign up for a free loyalty program through Swipely, bettering your chances of retaining business. Their program is linked to their credit card, so they won’t have to worry about keeping up with a loyalty card, which is a huge plus for consumers with overloaded wallets. Swipely works with many point-of-sale systems and credit cards and, again, is ideal for service-oriented businesses.

The All-in-One Tool – SalesForce

SalesForce has a couple of great mobile tools, including one designed for SMS text marketing and one designed for increasing engagement on your mobile app. They also have tools to help with geo-marketing, which is going to become a major player for mobile marketers.

SalesForce has also integrated tools to help with content optimization, using analytics to increase engagement and executing mobile campaigns. To find out more about whether or not this is a good option for your business, request a demo.



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2 Comments on “The Best Mobile Tools for Marketers

  1. Mobile marketing is not the future. It is the present! These tools can certainly help connect with an audience via an avenue they are familiar with. Thanks for the great article.

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