Marketing Technology Solutions for Content Creation

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Marketing Technology Solutions for Content Creation

This is the first post in a four-part series

Stop what you’re doing and look around you. How many technology devices do you see? Four? Five?

Technology is now present in nearly every aspect of our lives, from the alarm app that wakes us up to the television that lulls us to sleep. It only makes sense, then, that technology should be just as important at work.

This couldn’t be more true for content marketers. The sheer amount of information a marketer goes through on any given day is astounding. Think about when you’re writing a blog post for your website. How many hours do you clock simply brainstorming and researching the topic?

Fortunately, there are many new programs that can streamline your content creation process allow you to work more efficiently. If you use the right tools, you can create multiple pieces of content in the time it once took you to write one blog post.

Wibbitz Tackles Mobile Video Creation
This is one of the coolest content creation programs I’ve come across. Wibbitz is an app that can create a custom video complete with infographic to accompany a blog post. The system creates the infographics by pulling data from relevant videos and licensed image sources.

There are different categories, so your technology blog post/video won’t be the same style as a fashion article, and users give the app a 90 percent accuracy rating. And the best part? These 90 to 120 second videos are created specifically for mobile devices.

Think of how much you could boost traffic if all your blog posts included a mobile-friendly video (that didn’t take you hours to make). This is definitely one of the most exciting mobile content creation programs available, and it’s free.

Yes, free. As in, $0.00. Why would you not try it?

Percolate Brands Every Aspect of Your Content
Posting regularly for clients across a multitude of channels is incredibly time-consuming, and many PR marketing agencies need a dedicated social media department to keep up with the demand. Percolate makes it easier for social media marketers to find, source and post content that draws engagement by analyzing your brand and suggesting resources to help you create stronger, more effective content.

This program is also great for companies that have multiple people involved in social media. Percolate’s system is designed to help teams work more efficiently together throughout each step of the content creation process.

Perhaps the best part about this software is that, instead of just focusing on improving the content creation experience, it also allows companies to engage with their followers and track their analytics. It’s truly an all-in-one content marketing program.

Glossi Gives Anyone the Chance to Become a Publisher
Want to create content that stands out from your competitors? Glossi is the tool for you. Users can create custom digital magazines to share on their websites or email newsletters.

The website guides users through each step of the publishing process, from creating content for your magazine to distributing it. Content marketers can include everything from videos to links to items for sale, making it perfect for every industry. You can also customize your page templates and save them for future use.

As with Wibbitz, this program is free and can be used and viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Check back next week to learn more about the hottest content optimization technologies.



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