3 Big-Business Content Marketing Campaigns – And How You Can Adapt Them for Your Business

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3 Big-Business Content Marketing Campaigns – And How You Can Adapt Them for Your BusinessRaise your hand if you’ve stopped mid-sentence to watch a commercial with the Old Spice Man. What about shared a meme of The Most Interesting Man in the World? Believe it or not, those aren’t just funny commercials; they are examples of very effective content marketing campaigns.

Content marketing is all about sharing information, but if you want to be successful you have to give your audience information in a unique way. Big businesses have started embracing this idea and, as a result, there has been a major increase in memorable, effective content marketing strategies.

The Colgate Oral Health and Dental Resource Center
What They Do: Colgate’s content marketing site is one of the most praised in the business. It offers tips on oral health and regularly has content from dentists, health experts and universities related to the subject.  Visitors to the site can find a dentist near them, get updated information from the American Dental Association, read about oral health issues, watch videos or use the site’s interactive guides to learn about the newest information in the dental field.

What You Should Do: Today, blogs have to encompass text, photos, graphics and videos. You can offer followers blog posts and tips, but if you can find a way to incorporate infographics or videos, go for it. Blogs may have once been all about text, but visual appeal has become one of the most important elements to web users.

Target’s “A Bull’s Eye View”
What They Do: Target developed a blog for its customers to give them more of an understanding of the store’s products, collaborations and work in the community.  The site offers everything from tips from the store’s celebrity collaborators to behind-the-scenes videos of artists with recent CD releases.

This type of varied content serves multiple purposes. It creates a large audience-base, a necessary move for a retailer that sells everything from groceries to electronics. The tips from collaborators like Sabrina Soto and Giada De Laurentiis build the store’s credibility and thought leadership.

What You Should Do: What you can learn from Target is to offer a variety of content instead of posts about a small range of topics. Think about your business from every angle – what your clients want, how you can help them, company culture, community work, issues in your industry, etc. Having a variety of topics related to your business keeps your blog from getting too stale.

Also, having a recurring feature like Target’s Tip of the Week is a great way to get your followers in the routine of visiting your site on a regular basis.

Secret’s Mean Stinks Campaign
What They Do: Secret developed a content marketing campaign around its Clinical Strength deodorant called Mean Stinks. The company used social media to address bullying and enlisted the help of Glee actress Amber Riley as a spokesperson. The campaign’s 482,000 Facebook followers can engage with each other through a “Good Graffiti” app, which allows them to share positive messages or their experience with bullying. Followers can also request coupons that donate $1 to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

What You Should Do: Secret was smart to tie their product in to an issue that is very prevalent right now and allow their followers to interact with each other through social media. The coupons they offered also acted as a conversion tool by encouraging consumers to buy their product while simultaneously taking a stand against bullying.

If you have a new content marketing campaign coming up, think of how you can tie it into a larger issue. Also, give your followers a way to interact through social media. Blogs or website may be the more common content marketing tool, but social media is a key player, too, especially for younger demographics. Whether you have a blog, content marketing website or social media pages, you have to offer your followers something they can’t find anywhere else.



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