4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Be Like Britney Spears

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4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Be Like Britney SpearsShe’s been dubbed the princess of pop, danced while wearing a python (and, um, not much else) and won dozens of awards from around the world during her 15-year music career. Love her or hate her, Britney Spears has staying power.

And you want your business to have staying power, right? Trick question. Of course you do. Check out how Britney made it through, ahem, several missteps to become one of the top pop artists of the decade, and how her success can improve your content marketing campaign.

She’s Maintained Her Image
Ok, so things got a little crazy for a while with the whole K-Fed, shaved head period, but Britney has stuck to her pop roots for nearly 15 years. She knows what works best for her and she hasn’t strayed from that formula.

This doesn’t mean that she’s produced the same product, because that would get boring. Instead, Britney finds ways to make small changes in her music without alienating her fans, like collaborating with artists in different genres to infuse her music with a different sound.

If you’re brainstorming how to increase sales or your customer base, developing a content marketing campaign that is drastically different from your current image probably isn’t the answer. Rather than attracting more clients, you’ll end up alienating your current customer base. If you feel like your business needs an image boost, develop a campaign that has a few subtle changes. This will keep your current customers happy and open the door for a new audience.

She Connects with Leaders in her Industry
Madonna, will.i.am, Rihanna – Britney knows how to make connections with the power players in the music industry. You can take a cue from her and reach out to leaders in your industry through their websites, blogs or social media pages. Try starting small, like leaving a comment or mentioning them in one of your posts. Once you’ve established a connection, ask if they would be interested in a guest post or interview you can share with your readers.

This does several things.
• Builds your reputation as a thought-leader
• Establishes relationships you can use in the future
• Broadcasts your work to a larger audience

She’s Not Afraid to be Controversial
Now, I’m not saying you should get a pet python for the office or institute a more, err, casual dress code, but try not to play it so safe with your campaigns. You can actually get more views and shares by posting a controversial blog topic, as long as you do it correctly. Think about ways to spice up your blog posts or social media updates without straying too far from your message.

She’s had a Successful Comeback
Britney is no stranger to committing questionable acts, but attacking someone’s car with an umbrella is pretty difficult to come back from. Britney, however, has managed to turn that shocking incident into a blip in her incredibly successful career by apologizing for her actions, acknowledging she had a problem and taking steps to correct it.

If you’re using your content marketing campaign to revamp your company’s reputation, don’t try to ignore your past problems. Use your campaign to take ownership of your mistakes, explain to your customers what you’ve done to fix them and then – and this is the kicker – actually do what you say. Consumers will respond much better to you making an effort to win back their trust than to you making empty promises.

See, Britney knows more about content marketing than you thought. If you’re in a brainstorming rut for your content marketing campaign, take a break, blast some Britney and let the inspiration flow.



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