It’s Time for Real Names on Wikipedia

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Real Names on Wikipedia Inbound MarketingWikipedia and I have a long and fairly sordid history.

I registered in my own name as a user and editor of Wikipedia in early 2005, when the English version of the online encyclopedia consisted of fewer than 450,000 entries. Today it has nearly 10 times that — almost 4.3 million articles.

My first act as a Wikipedia user was composing an entry for Idea Grove — the name of the PR consultancy, consisting only of me, that I had just created. I added to and edited a number of other articles as well. When I had a client I thought merited an entry, I added them, in my own name. I had nothing to hide. Why should I?

Then something happened.

times that — almost 4.5 million articles.

There have been other connections over the years. One of my first friends in blogging, Andrea Weckerle, became close friends with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Another blogger friend, Greg Kohs, became Wikipedia’s Public Enemy No. 1.

It’s time for people to use their real names on Wikipedia. Period.

Let me qualify that. I understand that in some parts of the world, … But at least as it regards the English-language version of Wikipedia, anonymity does far more harm than good.

… Anonymity has its purposes in life, online and off.



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