Five Things That Separate Great Agencies from Good Ones

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Idea Grove has been able to grow and exceed client expectations over the past two years for four primary reasons:
1. Anticipating client needs.
2. Getting the details right.  Nothing crushes client confidence faster than making careless mistakes.  We don’t make careless mistakes at Idea Grove. We do whatever it takes to get it right the first time.
  1. Keeping your commitments.  This means we don’t promise the client something — even something small — that we don’t deliver as promised and on time.  We don’t forget things the client has asked us for.  We also don’t make promises to our colleagues that we fail to keep.
  2. We deliver “wows.”  Activity reports are not good enough.  Our clients are paying us good money every month; are we delivering them the tangible, impactful results they expect and deserve — EVERY month?  We need to be, without exception.
  3. We don’t make excuses.  The surest way to turn off a client — or me — is to make excuses.  Never do it.  Take ownership and responsibility and always look for ways to do it better next time when you make a mistake.  Saying “I’m sorry” is a good thing, too.
Sometimes getting things right, keeping our commitments and delivering “wows” might mean working through lunch or staying a little late from time to time, especially when we’re short staffed as we are now.  I appreciate those of you who have done this, because what you are doing benefits everyone here.  When you go the extra mile for your clients, you are going the extra mile for your colleagues.  It’s what gives us the financial security we need as an agency to have financial security as individuals.



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