Journalists Can Stop Debating the Ethics of Sponsored Content — It’s Up to Audiences to Decide

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How popular is sponsored content today? A three-week campaign with BuzzFeed, including a handful of sponsored posts written by its advertorial staff, will cost you a minimum of $50,000. Most BuzzFeed advertisers pay much more than that.

BuzzFeed is the headliner of a media zeitgeist that is all the rage these days for both media companies and marketers; more than $1.5 billion in content sponsorships is expected to be sold this year. This month, the Washington Post jumped on board with its BrandConnect offering, joining Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Atlantic. Thousands of media outlets also collect revenues from organizations like Outbrain, a “PPC for content” vendor that sells links from media sites to corporate blogs.

But while sponsored content appears to be a much-needed boon for publishers and advertisers weary of the limitations of banner ads, sponsored content also is sending many traditional journalists into an ethical tizzy…

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