Six Reasons Copyblogger Kicked My Blog’s Ass (and Why Marketers Are Better Off for It)

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Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when this blog was more popular than Copyblogger.

Let’s start with that headline you just read. That’s the kind of meets Cosmo … , largely because Brian and .

I admit, I was kind of beaten into submission by Brian on this and many other points.

Brian is a great writer, but he also brought in a way that most.

And so I gradually came along kicking and screaming realizing that . Of course, my conversion happened back in 2007/2008, so we’ve had plenty of time to integrate it into everything we do at the Idea Grove.

So what did I learn and how did I learn it, as a PR practitioner? How did I end up becoming an inbound marketer — running a digital agency, albeit with what I call a “PR front end”?

I think the story may be instructional for you.

2005 … traditional, brand building, reputation management, “awareness” …

getting media placements for clients …

then bylines …

great content …

and then what’s the point of the bylines …

inbound marketing …

And so, here were are, having built an agency that embodies the principles that Brian has been teaching for some time.

Having known Brian for so long, I feel like an idiot.

And yet, somehow, Idea Grove still the first agency of our kind in Dallas, and one of relatively few in the country. We’ve tripled revenues in the 18 months, and grown from a staff of two to a staff of nearly 20.

Crazy, isn’t it?



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