Horror-Flick Starlet: I’m Not a Ho, I Just Play One in the Movies

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From DailyIndia.com:

Melissa George’s string bikini is smaller than her hand!

Actress Melissa George admits it “wasn’t too pleasant” wearing one half the size of a normal Brazilian bikini for new movie Turistas. The former Home And Away beauty admits even locals on the Brazilian set were stunned by the white skimpy string swimwear.

“My bikinis were crocheted and they fit into my hand. Even the Brazilian girls said to me: ‘My God, that’s small for a Brazilian bikini,'” the Sun quoted Melissa, as saying. “I had a heart attack because I thought I was wearing a Brazilian bikini but I was wearing one half the size so that wasn’t too pleasant,” she added.

A bit reminiscent of Jessica Alba’s frequent protestations of modesty. Puh-lease.



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4 Comments on “Horror-Flick Starlet: I’m Not a Ho, I Just Play One in the Movies

  1. I didn’t even notice she had on a bikini. I’m just trying to make an important point about hypocrisy.

  2. When I was 11 years old the a movie title like “How To Stuff A Wild Bikini” was enough to fill my young boy’s imagination.

    The producers of Turistas leave nothing for the imagination to do anymore.

    Where’s Hitchcock when you need him?

  3. Just an additional way for her to bring attention to her boobs. And can you blame her? Shamelss marketing does work sometimes.

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